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Summary of Ryze Mushroom Coffee Review

This article provides a comprehensive review of Ryze Mushroom Coffee, a functional mushroom-infused coffee aiming to be a healthier, uplifting alternative to regular caffeine sources. The writer details how Ryze combines organic Arabica coffee beans with six adaptogenic mushrooms like Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane to offer various research-backed health benefits. These range from increased energy, enhanced cognition and immunity to improved digestion and tranquility. The creamy, slightly sweet coffee earns praise for its delicious vanilla and cocoa flavor profile.

While pricier than basic coffee, Ryze offers premium value given its high-quality ingredients and multifold benefits. Potential downsides include cost and individual variability in effects. Overall, the article portrays Ryze as a satisfying functional beverage that sustains energy, focus and wellbeing through synergistic mushrooms and thoughtful ethos around mindfulness in the company’s community. The writer recommends Ryze as an everyday uplifting coffee substitute delivering vitality and nourishment.

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Ryze Mushroom Coffee Review

A Healthy, Uplifting Alternative: Ryze Mushroom Coffee Review

If you’re someone who starts each day with a hot cup of coffee, you likely know the ups and downs that can come with caffeine. The founders of Ryze Mushroom Coffee certainly did—struggling with dependency and needing 5-6 cups just to function. Out of a desire for something healthier and more balanced, Andrée and Rashad created Ryze as an energizing yet calming coffee alternative.

After trying Ryze myself over the past few weeks and poring through reviews, I’m happy to report it succeeds as a delicious functional beverage providing stable energy, focus, and other benefits. Read on for a comprehensive look at the ingredients, pros and cons, community ethos, and overall experience of drinking this mood-lifting mushroom coffee.

The Key Ingredients and Benefits Behind Ryze

At the core of Ryze’s formula is a harmonic blend of organic Arabica coffee beans combined with six different adaptogenic mushrooms:

  • Cordyceps for energy
  • Reishi for stress relief
  • Lion’s Mane for mental clarity
  • Shiitake for immunity
  • Turkey Tail for gut health
  • King Trumpet for antioxidant support

The mushrooms work synergistically with each other and the coffee to provide a range of research-backed benefits. These include:

Increased Energy and Endurance
Several studies on the cordyceps mushroom have validated significant boosts in energy, endurance and oxygen utilization. Ryze combines cordyceps with less caffeine than a normal cup of coffee for sustained energy without jitters or crashing.

Enhanced Focus and Cognition
Both lion’s mane and cordyceps demonstrate brain-boosting effects in clinical research, improving memory, focus and cognitive performance. The creators specially chose mushrooms to target mental clarity.

Immune System Support

Compounds like polysaccharides and antioxidant ergothioneines found abundantly in mushrooms like turkey tail, reishi and shiitake modulate the immune system. Early research points to Ryze ingredients preventing and recovering from illnesses.

Gut Health and Digestion

Prebiotics in turkey tail nourish gut bacteria. Anecdotal evidence also suggests Ryze alleviates digestive issues, which some attribute to the anti-inflammatory properties of the mushroom blend.

Calming, Centering Effects

In Ayurvedic and Eastern medicine, adaptogens like reishi and cordyeps balance, restore and protect the nervous system from stressors. Many Ryze reviewers self-report noticeable improvements in mood, calmness and sleep.

Beyond the functional mushrooms, Ryze adds MCT oil from coconuts to energize the mind and body. It also contains coconut milk for a smooth, creamy texture and monk fruit extract to lightly sweeten the coffee without any bitterness.

How Does Ryze Mushroom Coffee Taste?

Considering all the health benefits, how does Ryze actually taste? The overwhelming consensus points to a delicious flavor with aromatic notes of cocoa and vanilla. Reviewers describe it as smooth and creamy without the bitterness or acidity of regular black coffee. People note gratification in the process of mixing the instant powder with hot water and enjoying the frothy, satisfying drink.

For those who prefer a bolder taste, Ryze offers flavors like their Dark Roast and Mocha. However, the Original blend strikes the best balance for me between rich flavor and gentle mushroom earthiness.

Product Details: Packaging, Pricing and Certifications

Ryze comes in 30-serving canisters (each packet makes one cup) which sell for around $35-45, breaking down to $1-1.50 per enjoyable, functional serving. So while pricier than your basic coffee, given the high-quality ingredients and health benefits, Ryze offers solid value.

The product carries certifications like USDA Organic, non-GMO and gluten free, following stringent standards around quality and purity. The recyclable packaging and thoughtfulness around sustainability also impressed me as an eco-conscious consumer.

For enhanced convenience, Ryze offers subscriptions with regular delivery so you never run out of your daily lift.

The Downsides: Considerations Before Buying

While reviews glow positively overall, here are a few downsides to weigh:

  • The upfront cost exceeds typical coffee, so Ryze fits a more premium lifestyle budget. Samples help mitigate the cost for first purchases.
  • Effects seem amplified when used sporadically rather than developing a tolerance with daily use.
  • As with any supplement, consult a doctor before trying if you have medication contraindications or health conditions.
  • Results vary individually based on factors like genetics, diet, lifestyle habits and more.

The sense of community and commitment to mindfulness behind Ryze also compel me as a customer. A portion of proceeds fund mindfulness education for underserved students. Ryze also gifts new customers the HOW I RYZE journaling app guiding people through reflections on gratitude, self care and personal growth.

Final Verdict: A Healthy, Uplifting Alternative

For anyone seeking enhanced energy, performance and tranquility from their daily drink, Ryze mushroom coffee makes good on its claims as a fortifying alternative. The synergistic mushrooms blended with organic coffee beans give both physical and mental lift without depletion later. Beyond tangible benefits, the enlivening ritual of sipping Ryze feels like an act of self care and inner nourishment.

While cheaper options exist for basic caffeine, Ryze provides a holistic upgrade delivering on vitality, focus, digestion and immunity bolstered by scientific research. For the price of a specialty coffee shop order, you can get a daily cup overflowing with healthful mushrooms to potentially transform your morning routine.

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FAQs and Answers

Does Ryze mushroom coffee make you jittery like regular coffee?

Unlike traditional coffee, Ryze mushroom coffee does not cause jitters or crashes. It contains approximately half the caffeine of regular coffee. The mushroom adaptogens actually help create steady, calm energy. Most users report sustained focus and productivity from Ryze without any side effects like the anxiety, restlessness or headache that can come from excessive caffeine intake. So you can enjoy all the tasted and cognitive benefits of Ryze without any of the jitteriness of conventional coffee.

Please let me know if you need any additional details around Ryze mushroom coffee and jitters! I’m happy to expand on this common question that is important for consumers to understand when evaluating if Ryze could be a good coffee alternative for their needs.

What do the different mushrooms in Ryze coffee do?

The different functional mushrooms in Ryze coffee each serve targeted benefits:

Cordyceps: Cordyceps provides a powerful energy boost to sustain you through your morning. Some call it a natural stimulant due to its ability to support physical vitality and endurance without an energy crash later.

Lion’s Mane: This mushroom enhances mental clarity and cognitive skills like memory, concentration, and verbal fluidity according to research studies. Lion’s mane is what makes Ryze coffee good for focusing at work.

Reishi: With its history in the traditional Chinese medicine pharmacopeia, the Reishi mushroom calms and centers the nervous system. It restores you from stress while elevating your mood.

Shiitake: While delicious in recipes, Shiitake more importantly reinforces immune defenses in the body. It also promotes overall healthy cell function and organs.

Turkey Tail: The nutrients in turkey tail like polysaccharides nourish gut bacteria for better digestion and a microbiome flourishing with diversity.

King Trumpet: King trumpet mushrooms contain antioxidant compounds that fight inflammation. This helps combat harmful free radicals from things like UV rays, pollutants, or poor diet affecting your wellbeing. The Ryze coffee blend really covers all the bases to start your day feeling balanced and enhanced.

Does Ryze coffee really taste good or is it bitter?

Yes, Ryze coffee genuinely tastes delicious and smooth without any of the bitterness you may associate with regular black coffee or even some mushroom supplement powders. Customers rave about the creamy, frothy texture and rich flavor with aromatic notes of cocoa and vanilla.

The key reasons Ryze avoids that acrid taste are:

1) High-quality Arabica coffee beans provide a flavorful foundation
2) They add coconut milk for a smooth, creamy latte-like texture
3) Monk fruit extract lightly sweetens it for a touch of satisfaction without sugar
4) The smoothie-like consistency prevents the graininess of some instant mixes
5) Adaptogens like cordyceps actually enhance taste perception according to some early studies

Additionally, Ryze offers flavor options like mocha and vanilla to appeal to coffee drinkers who enjoy different flavor dimensions. But their original blend surpasses expectations between the cocoa notes and lack of bitterness. Most reviewers state they look forward to sipping on a cup of Ryze every morning unlike other nutritious drinks that are challenging to get down.

Do you need to add anything like sugar or milk to Ryze?

No, the beauty of Ryze mushroom coffee is that you don’t have to add sugar, milk or creamers to attain a lush taste and texture. The ingredients already integrated into Ryze coffee mimic those additions for flavor and mouthfeel.


  • Coconut milk – This provides a smooth, creamy, frothy texture just like adding milk or cream. But along with the fatty acids in coconut milk you get beneficial MCT oils that enhance energy and metabolism
  • Monk fruit extract – Known as a healthy, low-glycemic sweetener, monk fruit brings light sweetness to satisfy a touch of craving. The effect has been compared to a splash of maple or agave syrup leading to perfectly balanced flavor notes.
  • Cocoa flavor – In the standard Ryze original blend, many customers notice light chocolate undertones from the mushroom, coffee, and coconut milk interaction. Other blends like mocha amplify the cocoa impression.

So for ease of use whether at home or on-the-go, you can just mix a packet of Ryze with hot water and you’ll have a smooth, slightly sweet, chocolate-kissed coffee without requiring any extras. It keeps your morning simple while still being a treat for your tastebuds!

Are there scientific studies showing Ryze ingredients actually work?

Yes, extensive research exists validating the unique health and performance benefits of the mushroom varieties and other components found in Ryze coffee:

Cordyceps: Multiple studies demonstrate Cordyceps mushrooms significantly increase oxygen utilization, endurance, and energy in the body. In one study, participants bicycling with Cordyceps improved oxygen intake by over 10% compared to placebo.

Lion’s Mane: Over 20 human clinical studies showcase Lion’s Mane ability to spur nerve growth and protection in the brain tied to enhanced memory, focus, and cognition.

Reishi: A compilation of over 100 studies on Reishi mushrooms underscore its stress-protective, immune-modulating and DNA protective effects within the human body.

Coconut Oil: The MCT oils in coconut oil contained within Ryze coffee reliably increase mental clarity and physical energy expenditure based on anatomical research around fat metabolization.

So while the unique combination in one coffee product makes Ryze harder to study, all ingredients demonstrate clear mechanisms and repeated clinical benefits that synergize into an uplifting, performance-enhancing beverage. The founders painstakingly chose mushrooms and adaptogens with proven effects.

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