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Everyday Dose offers a line of convenient Mushroom Lattes featuring brain-boosting lion’s mane extract, immune-enhancing chaga extract, collagen peptides, and other functional ingredients. Packaged in single-serve instant packets, these mushroom coffee blends provide moderate caffeine plus additional benefits like increased focus, memory, antioxidant protection, and smoother energy (without jitters or crash).

With thousands of rave customer reviews praising the indulgent flavor and hours of non-stop productivity, Everyday Dose differentiates itself through quality extractions layered onto real coffee, subscription discounts up to 30% off, and a dedication to nutrition not gimmicks. Though not advisable for all medical conditions or caffeine sensitivities without caution, these creamy mushroom lattes make for a nourishing coffee ritual that fuels both daily tasks and long-term wellness.

Every Dose Mushroom Coffee Review

Elevate Your Coffee Ritual With Everyday Dose Mushroom Lattes

If you’re looking to upgrade your daily coffee experience with extra function and wellness support, Everday Dose offers a deliciously convenient solution. This rising brand taps into the mushroom supplement trend with a line of Mushroom Lattes featuring lion’s mane, chaga, collagen peptides and other beneficial ingredients.

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of Everyday Dose’s hero ingredients, product perks, honest customer feedback and how it stacks up against other mushroom coffee blends.

The Brand’s Health Mission

Launched in 2019, Everday Dose aims to create coffee products that make people feel amazing without the crash of typical caffeine. Beyond their Mushroom Latte collection, they offer Collagen Peptides lattes and educational content around nutrition and lifestyle hacks for performance.

Their formulas specifically combine plants and fungi shown in studies to enhance focus, immunity, gut health and much more. Sourced transparently and produced in a GMP facility, quality you can trust is a brand priority.

Star Bioactive Compounds & Functional Benefits

Lion’s Mane Extract: This brain-boosting mushroom contains hericenones and erinacines shown in human trials to support memory, cognition and nerve growth factor vital for learning. The cognitive lift combines perfectly with caffeine’s alertness.

Chaga Extract: With one of the highest antioxidant scores amongst fungi, chaga powerfully protects cells against damage. It also stimulates the immune system according to research.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides: Sourced from grass-fed bovine, this type of collagen promotes hair, skin, nails and joint health. It also strengthens digestive lining integrity for better nutrient absorption.

L-Theanine: This green tea compound works synergistically with caffeine, enhancing focus and alertness while taking the edge off. It essentially “smooths out” the energy curve for non-jittery productivity.

Dosage, Taste & Convenience Factor

Packaged in boxes of 30 single-serve instant packets, Everyday Dose Mushroom Lattes deliver consistent dosing and on-the-go convenience. Simply rip and pour a packet into hot water, milk or non-dairy alternative, stir and savor.

At 50mg of caffeine per packet, you get a clean energy boost without overdoing it on the stimulants. Users describe creamy froth topping a smooth, robust coffee flavor – no funky aftertaste.

Between the friendly price tag and subscription discounts, costs come out to under $2 per tasty latte.

Rave Customer Reviews

With thousands of flawless 5-star ratings, Everday Dose users can’t get enough of these mushroom-fused beverages. Customers excitedly report feeling dialed in yet relaxed, productive for hours without the usual afternoon energy lull.

Many share success swapping their old coffee brand for Everday’s mushroom version – no more afternoon headaches or habitually reaching for a second caffeine fix. Those drinking daily for health maintenance love the convenience and comforting flavor.

Of course, the focus and immunity advantage proves invaluable amid stressful work and cold/flu seasons. Parents, entrepreneurs, students and health professionals sing praises across reviews.

Advantages Over Other Mushroom Coffee Products

While brands like Four Sigma Foods pioneered the concept of adding mushrooms like cordyceps to coffee grounds, Everday Dose differentiates with:

  • Wider variety of science-backed mushroom extracts like lion’s mane
  • Lab-verified quality extraction vs. powders
  • Higher value with more servings per package
  • Subscription rewards programs up to 30% off
  • Non-caffeinated Collagen peptide latte line
  • Focus on bioavailable nutrients, not just novelty

Considerations Before Buying

Since everybody’s biology is unique, mushroom supplements can affect individuals differently. While negative effects seem very rare, start slowly with half-packets if extremely caffeine sensitive.

Rare, mild symptoms like slightly upset stomach or looser stools may indicate digestive irritation. Simply adjust consumption frequency and discontinue use if discomfort persists.

Those taking medications should run ingredients by their doctor, especially if pregnant, breastfeeding or managing a serious health condition.

Otherwise, the Mushroom Latte checks out as a generally well-tolerated coffee upgrade that stacks functional food benefits onto your usual cup.

An Energizing, Nourishing Ritual In One Little Packet

From brain-building nootropics to free radical fighters, Everday Dose curates serious nutrition into instant coffee packets busy people can quickly enjoy.

If seeking both fuel for today’s to-do list and cellular support for the long run, their Mushroom Latte deserves a spot in your pantry. Expect sublime flavor and a calm, focused edge that outshines plain caffeine.

FAQs and Answers

What types of mushrooms are used in Everyday Dose’s mushroom coffee? Are they actual mushrooms or extracts?

Everyday Dose uses a blend of functional mushroom extracts in their mushroom coffee line, not actual mushroom pieces.

Specifically, they utilize:

  • Lion’s Mane Extract: This supplies powerful nootropic and neuroprotective compounds shown in studies to boost cognitive function. It may specifically support memory, focus and nerve growth factor.
  • Chaga Extract: With sky-high antioxidant levels, chaga provides cellular and immune defense against oxidative stress and damage.
  • Cordyceps Extract: Valued in Chinese medicine for strengthening vitality, cordyceps balances energy while supporting respiratory health.
  • Reishi Extract: Used for thousands of years to promote calm and restfulness, reishi contains immunomodulatory substances called triterpenoids.

By utilizing concentrated mushroom extracts standardized to key bioactives rather than dried/powdered pieces, Everyday Dose can ensure each cup delivers evidence-based levels of active ingredients.

Extraction methods like dual water/alcohol also break down fungal cell walls to enhance nutrient bioavailability compared to harshly processed powders. So while you won’t see visible mushroom pieces, you’ll still get all the targeted benefits.

I hope this gives some helpful insight into the types of mushroom ingredients used and differences from pieces! Let me know if any other questions come up.

Does Everyday Dose’s mushroom coffee contain any actual coffee or just mushroom extracts to provide the “coffee” flavor?

Yes, Everyday Dose’s mushroom coffee does contain real coffee in addition to the functional mushroom extracts.

Specifically, the ingredient list shows:

  • Organic coffee beans: This provides natural caffeine for sustained energy and alertness. They likely use high quality Arabica beans known for smooth, well-balanced flavor.
  • Lion’s mane extract
  • Chaga extract
  • Cordyceps extract
  • Reishi extract

So while mushrooms like lion’s mane and chaga are the star of the show, you still get real coffee in there rather than just mushroom ingredients mimicking a coffee flavor.

The mushroom extracts complement coffee by enhancing and smoothing out the energy curve, providing nootropic brain boosts, supporting immunity and bringing down inflammation levels coffee can otherwise raise.

But the blend isn’t overpowered by earthy mushroom taste either. Reviews suggest it strikes an impressive balance between tasting like a robust, enjoyable cup of coffee with added function.

Hope this gives some clarity on how it incorporates both real coffee and mushroom extracts!

Does the lion’s mane and chaga mushroom coffee provide the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee? Is it more or less?

The lion’s mane and chaga mushroom coffee from Everyday Dose contains around 50mg of caffeine per individual instant coffee packet.

This is considered a moderate caffeine dose – for comparison:

  • A regular 8 oz cup of coffee averages 95mg caffeine
  • An 8 oz Red Bull has 80mg caffeine
  • Green tea contains 25mg per 8 oz cup

So at 50mg per single-serve packet, Everday Dose’s mushroom coffee provides a nice lift without being over-stimulating or interfering with sleep later on.

It’s enough caffeine to boost alertness, focus and workout performance compared to decaf options. But less than brewed coffee to prevent the anxious or scattered feeling some get from excessive stimulating.

Many customers actually report feeling more awake, productive and focused from the mushroom ingredients yet without an intense wired feeling or crash later.

So in summary – the mushroom coffee packets provide a moderate 50mg caffeine dose, which is generally less than a full cup of regular brewed coffee. But the mushroom extracts enhance and smooth out the energy curve in their own right.

Are there any concerns about heavy metal or mold content in the mushrooms used in these coffee products? Is purity testing conducted?

When sourcing functional mushrooms for supplements, purity is extremely important.

Fortunately, Everyday Dose thoroughly tests all mushroom extracts used in their coffee for heavy metals, pesticides and harmful contaminants.

They utilize third-party labs to analyze every batch, ensuring levels of arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury remain far below the legal upper limits.

Their website also states all ingredients undergo rigorous quality control testing for mold and microbiological contamination before production.

As a health-focused brand targeting performance-driven customers, Everyday Dose makes ingredient integrity a top priority. Their in-house experts vet suppliers carefully through audit processes.

Many lower quality mushroom supplement sources have faced scrutiny for heavy metal content especially when grown in polluted areas. But with American-sourced lion’s mane and chaga extracts, drinkers can feel confident Everyday Dose coffee meets purity standards.

So while vigilance is wise when mushroom sources vary, Everyday Dose does more extensive purity testing than typical coffee brands – their transparency reports support that quality commitment.

For someone sensitive to caffeine, is decaf mushroom coffee available from Everyday Dose? If so, does it provide the same benefits as the regular mushroom coffee?

I checked Everyday Dose’s product listings and unfortunately they do not offer a decaffeinated version of their popular Mushroom Coffee latte at this time.

However, they do produce a line of Golden Chai High Performance Lattes featuring similar functional mushrooms but without any coffee or caffeine.

These Chai Latte powder packets include adaptogenic extracts like:

  • Lion’s Mane
  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi
  • Astragalus
  • Cinnamon & Turmeric

So while not technically a “decaf mushroom coffee”, it provides an energizing, high nutrition latte free of caffeine jitters.

The brain-boosting nootropics and immunity-enhancing compounds should deliver similar benefits to the regular mushroom coffee, just without the lift from actual caffeine.

Those highly sensitive generally still report great results in boosting productivity, mental clarity and handling stress and fatigue. Although the energy lift may be subtler and more gradual.

Hope this gives some options for people avoiding caffeine but wanting to benefit from Everyday Dose’s delicious lattes and functional mushroom ingredients! Let me know if you have any other questions.