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Reishi mushroom coffee is a functional health drink made by combining extract from reishi mushrooms with coffee. Reishi mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for over 2000 years to stimulate immunity, reduce inflammation, and promote overall wellness. The global reishi coffee market has been growing rapidly as coffee drinkers realize it provides benefits lacking in regular coffee, like antioxidants, better concentration and sleep quality, liver protection, stabilized blood sugar and more.

Reishi coffee comes in various forms including powders to add to your brew, instant mixes, ready-to-drink bottled formulas, and reishi-infused coffee capsules. By drinking just 1-2 cups of reishi mushroom coffee a day, you can flood your body with unique protective, anti-aging and longevity boosting compounds missing from the average diet. Given reishi’s substantiated health perks, infusing it into coffee offers an easy, routine way to enhance your daily cup that your mind and body may appreciate.

Reishi Mushroom Coffee

The Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Coffee

If you’re someone who starts every day with a hot cup of coffee but have been wanting to make your routine a bit healthier, reishi mushroom coffee could be the new wellness beverage you’ve been looking for. This functional drink is prepared by mixing extract from reishi mushrooms in with coffee grounds before brewing.

Reishi mushrooms, also known as Ganoderma lucidum or lingzhi, have been used in traditional Eastern medicine practices for over 2000 years. Practitioners have long hailed reishi for protective benefits like stimulating immunity, calming inflammation and even fighting tumors. Today, western science is also catching up by substantiating many of these functional claims through an expanding body of research on the bioactive compounds that give reishi its astounding health effects.

The Growing Reishi Mushroom Coffee Trend

Reishi’s recent incorporation into coffee, lattes, espressos and beyond stems from consumers’ growing knowledge of its wellness supporting abilities. The global reishi mushroom coffee market size already hit $271 million in 2020 and some project it could reach an impressive $516 million by 2028.

Coffee lovers are quickly realizing that adding in reishi can eliminate common issues like energy crashes, jitters or heartburn caused by regular java. And it comes with the added perk of flooding your cup with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and free-radical fighting agents. With science also now confirming reishi’s positive impacts on concentration, liver function, immunity, cellular health, heart health, sleep and more – savvy coffee drinkers are quite literally mushrooming their morning ritual for the better.

Available Reishi Coffee Products

For those looking to give reishi coffee a try, there are a few options depending on your preferences and coffee making method:

Powdered reishi mushroom extracts: These come in convenient packets or jars of ground reishi powder that can be scooped directly into your brew method of choice. They provide maximum flexibility to control your dosage.

Instant mixes: Pre-measured instant stick packs contain both instant coffee and dried reishi extracts so you can create an on-the-go cup by just adding hot water.

Liquid reishi coffee formulas: These pre-mixed cold brew coffee concentrates infused with reishi extract create a ready-to-drink beverage by diluting with water or milk.

Reishi Coffee Capsules: For super easy preparation, these keurig-style coffee capsules provide single serving convenience.

You can also find specialty reishi coffee blends already mixed with Arabica coffee beans you simply grind and brew as usual. Brands like Real Mushrooms, Four Sigmatic, VitaJing and SuperFeast offer various reputable reishi coffee products to explore.

Key Wellness Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Just what makes reishi mushrooms so beneficial to health? Let’s explore some of science’s top discoveries:

Supports Immune Function
Reishi has an immunomodulating effect to strengthen overall immune response. Polysaccharide compounds boost production of antigen-presenting cells, macrophages, T cells and natural killer cells – equipping your body with an enhanced disease defense.

Lowers Oxidative Stress
Antioxidants like polysaccharides, beta-glucans and triterpenoids make reishi an oxidation-fighting powerhouse. It supplies protection against the damaging free radicals underlying aging and chronic inflammation.

Promotes Heart Health
Reishi contains ganoderic acid and antioxidants that improve circulation and lower constricting from LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. This aids cardiovascular function and blood flow delivering oxygen throughout the body.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels
Human and animal research indicates reishi mushrooms’ potential to stabilize levels of both insulin and A1C hemoglobin. This could offer therapeutic effects for managing diabetes.

Protects the Liver
The triterpenoids and peptides in reishi offer hepatoprotective benefits guarding liver function. Some evidence shows improved enzyme levels and reversal of liver damage plus fibrosis from hepatitis B infections.

Improves Sleep Quality
Reishi alleviates anxiety and depression while its antihistamine effects induce drowsiness to ease falling asleep faster. Results show people experience deeper, less interrupted REM cycles allowing better rest.

Enhances Concentration
Patients taking reishi for 4 weeks showed markedly enhanced memory retention and concentration likely connected to improved cerebral blood flow. This is especially helpful when you need focus paired with coffee’s energizing lift.

The Verdict on Reishi Mushroom Coffee

Given all we now know about reishi’s unique health assets, infusing your morning coffee offers the ideal delivery method to incorporate its perks easily and often into your routine. Drinking just 1-2 cups of reishi coffee per day floods your system with a spectrum of protective compounds not found anywhere in normal coffee beans. It’s an upgrade providing anti-aging, immune boosting, detox and longevity benefits surprisingly missing from the average person’s diet.

If the idea of swapping your usual roast for a mushroom-spiked biohack morning fuel gets you excited about your daily cup again – welcome a friendlier medicinal fungi into your routine. Chances are, your mind and body will thank you for it!

FAQs and Answers

How to grow Reishi mushroom for your coffee?

Here are some tips for growing your own reishi mushrooms at home to make reishi coffee:

Select the right substrate – Reishi grows well on supplemented sawdust blocks, logs of hardwoods like oak or maple, or on grain. Make sure to get organic, pre-pasteurized substrates specifically formulated for mushroom cultivation.

Inoculate with spawn – Choose a reishi grain spawn to introduce the mycelium into your substrate. Inject spawn in a grid pattern or thoroughly mix it in using sterile technique.

Incubate in proper conditions – Keep your inoculated substrates around 75-85 F at high humidity for full colonization. Maintaining adequate moisture and air exchange will encourage even mycelial growth.

Trigger fruiting conditions – Once substrates are fully colonized with mycelium, move them to a fruiting area. Create conditions mimicking the mushroom’s natural habitat like high fresh air flow, light cycles, and 80-90% humidity triggering growth.

Harvest reishi mushrooms – Carefully cut mature reishi mushrooms off their growth medium using a sterile knife. Harvest before the caps flatten or spores start releasing.

Dry the reishi – Use a dehydrator or low oven to slowly remove moisture from harvested reishi. Drying helps concentrate beneficial compounds and preserves mushrooms for future reishi coffee use.

Process into powder – Grind your cracker-dry reishi pieces into a fine powder using a high-power blender, spice grinder, or coffee/nut grinder reserved for mushroom use.

Add to coffee – Get the highest potency and freshest reishi by adding 1-2 teaspoons powder per cup of coffee when brewing. Or use it to create reishi tea, tinctures, broths and more.

Enjoy your homegrown reishi coffee and all the health perks!

Where to buy Reishi mushroom coffee?

Here are some good places to buy reishi mushroom coffee:

  1. Four Sigmatic – A leading brand for functional mushrooms products. They have several reishi infused coffees including instant packets, ground mushroom coffee blends, and coffee mixes with additional ingredients like Cordyceps or Chaga.
  2. Real Mushrooms – Sells pure reishi extracts so you can add the powder to your own coffee. Their red reishi extract is organic and lab-tested for quality assurance.
  3. VitaJing – Offers highly reviewed reishi coffee blends as well as convenient single-serving sticks with measures powdered coffee and reishi to add to hot water.
  4. SuperFeast – Specialty reishi coffee product lines include ready-to-drink cold brew bottles infused with dual-extract reishi and antioxidant rich coffees.
  5. Peak Frequency Coffee – Blends fair trade coffee beans with functional mushroom extracts including certified organic reishi grown right in the USA.
  6. Youth & Tonic – Carries a Reishi Coffee Elixir infused with both reishi and immune-boosting cordyceps perfect to incorporate into smoothies.
  7. Amazon – A prime destination to easily buy a wide range of reishi coffee products from quality brands offering competitive prices and fast shipping.
  8. Specialty grocery stores – Some health food stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts may stock reishi coffee products in their supplements or wellness drink aisles.

I’d recommend starting with a reputable reishi focused brand first before trying general grocery store offerings. Be sure to check reviews and lab testing documentation when evaluating quality.

How do I add Reishi mushroom powder to coffee?

Here are the simple steps for adding reishi mushroom powder to your coffee:

  1. Get some high quality reishi mushroom powder extract like a hot water extracted red reishi. Look for organic, lab-tested products from reputable supplements brands.
  2. Measure out the desired dosage of reishi powder – Recommended dosages range from 1-2 grams or about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per cup of coffee. It’s best to start low if new to reishi.
  3. Brew your coffee as normal through your preferred method like drip machine, French press or pour-over. Make sure to use filtered water instead of tap for best flavor.
  4. Add the reishi powder to your freshly brewed mug of hot coffee. You can simply stir in the powder slowly to dissolve it. Adding it to the hot liquid helps break down polysaccharides for better absorption.
  5. Alternatively, you can add your measured dosage of reishi powder to the coffee filter or grounds before brewing if your brew method allows. This will infuse the protective compounds right into the extracted coffee liquids.
  6. Consider adding a natural sweetener like maple syrup or stevia if desired to offset reishi’s natural bitterness. Adding nut milk, cocoa powder, spices or vanilla can also lend some flavor cover.
  7. Enjoy your nutritious reishi-infused coffee! The reishi will lend coffee a richer, earthier taste plus you’ll get all those antioxidant, immune-boosting benefits.

Be creative trying this superfood fungal extract in all your favorite coffee drinks from lattes to iced coffees for an wellness upgrade!

How to store Reishi mushroom powder for your coffee?

Here are some tips for properly storing reishi mushroom powder to use for your coffee:

  1. Keep reishi powder in an airtight, glass container with a tight fitting lid. Glass jars or bottles are best as they won’t allow moisture absorption or any leaching of chemicals.
  2. Store in a cool, dark place away from heat, moisture or direct light which can cause premature deterioration. An ideal spot would be a kitchen cabinet, pantry or cupboard.
  3. For maximum preservation of active compounds, refrigerate or freeze reishi powder. The cold environment will help slow chemical breakdown and bacterial growth. Just bring powder to room temp before opening to prevent condensation issues.
  4. If storing at room temperature, be sure your powder contains silica gel packs when purchased or add some to the jar. These will help absorb excess moisture and keep your mushroom extract dry.
  5. Write the date you opened the powder on the jar lid so you know when it hits the 6 month timeframe where potency starts slowly depleting.
  6. Invest in small batches and don’t buy more than you expect to use up within a few months once opened for best quality.

Following these simple reishi powder storage rules, keeping oxygen and moisture out, will help retain all those bioactive nutrients essential for getting the immune boosting, health protective benefits you want from your reishi coffee rituals.

What devices you need to make Reishi mushroom coffee?

Here are the main devices you need to make your own reishi mushroom coffee at home:

  1. Coffee maker – Any standard coffee machine like a drip coffee maker, French press, or pour-over setup will work to brew a base of coffee.
  2. Coffee grinder – Useful for grinding whole coffee beans to desired coarseness before brewing. Also great for grinding reishi mushrooms into powder if you start from raw pieces.
  3. Reishi powder – You can purchase pre-ground reishi mushroom powder extract to add to coffee. Or use a grinder to powder dry reishi.
  4. Kitchen scale (optional) – Helpful for accurately measuring out reishi mushroom powder doses by weight in grams. Takes the guesswork out.
  5. Food processor or spice grinder (optional) – If you have whole dried reishi mushrooms, use this to finely grind them into powder first before adding to coffee.
  6. Mesh tea strainer (optional) – Place over your cup or French press to strain out sediment for a smoother texture if needed.

And that’s really all that’s required as far as gear goes! Of course you can upgrade to more advanced espresso machines if you want to make lattes, cappuccinos and other specialty coffee drinks infused with antioxidant-rich reishi. But the basics above will get you started making your own healthy reishi coffees.